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2019  |  2018  |  Lab Refurbishment


August 20, 2019

Construction project nears completion!

Fume hoods and cabinets installed. We're just missing a sink!

Six dedicated synthetic workspaces

Fume hood free zone for p-chem instrumentation

July 03, 2019

Painting begins, and some serious ceiling hardware goes up!

The sky blue feature wall does its best to offset the imposing shiny machinery.

Suspended shelving standards start to shape the space

264/262 used for cabinet storage during 257/253 floor prep

June 27, 2019

Key equipment arrives, and attention turns to our office space

Large deliveries provide for a photo-op.

Daiken hardware enjoying the SoCal summer

Clean up begins in future group office 251

May 15, 2019

The refurbishment begins proper

With construction teams and suppliers now in place, core elements of our new lab spaces are installed.

New ventilation piping for fume hoods goes in

Gas and electrical outlets are fitted

January 7, 2019

Work starts on our new lab!

Demolition begins on the 2nd floor of LJS (Laird J Stabler Memorial Hall), the location of our soon-to-be refurbished laboratory and office spaces.

Partial demolition of our synthetic space

264 and 262 are united

Fall 2018

Lab and office spaces previously occupied by Qin and Pratt Groups are vacated

They relocate on campus to the Translational Research Facility (TRF).

View in 253 through the door to 257

264 is partitioned from 262 by a solid wall

July 20, 2018

Lab design kick-off meeting!

Renovation plans involve breaking down walls between adjacent rooms, with four smaller labs being combined into two larger ones. This construction project will provide synthetic (257/253, green) and physical instrumentation (264/262, blue) spaces for the incoming Inkpen group at USC. Our research group offices will be next door (251/251, red).