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Inkpen Lab

840 Downey Way​

Laird J. Stabler (LJS) Memorial Hall

Department of Chemistry

Los Angeles

CA 90089

Group Office: LJS 251

Group Phone: +1 (213) 821-1974

Labs: LJS 253, LJS 264, OCW 210

Mike Inkpen

Assistant Professor

Pronouns: him/he/his

Email: inkpen [at] usc [dot) edu

Phone: +1 (213) 821-1910

Office: LJS 250

Twitter: @mikeinkpen

How To Find Us

Visiting in person?

If you are arriving by car: We currently recommend visitors park in Parking Lot 2. However, please see the following USC webpages for the most up to date information on campus Entrance Hours, Daily and Hourly Parking, or (see also Public Parking).

If you are arriving by Lyft/Uber: Use the Inkpen Lab address above.

If you are taking the Metro: Take the Expo Line train and get off at Expo/USC. Walk north-west through campus to LJS.


Photos of Stabler Hall (LJS) are in the slide show in this section. Enter through the white external doors, then take the staircase (doorway to the left of our NMR Manager's office). If needed, call one of the numbers listed above for building access.

Photos From Around Los Angeles

Photos from around Los Angeles

USC University Park Campus

Wider LA Area

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