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Fall 2019

Monday, 4-6 pm, OCW 214

09/16 - Chalk Talks

09/23 - Joseph Parr (Lit Highlight)

09/30 - Christina Trang (Research Talk)

10/14 - Zelin Miao (Lit Highlight)

Friday, 1-3 pm, OCW 214

10/25 - Christina Trang (Lit Highlight)

11/01 - Group Lunch

11/08 - Chalk Talks

11/15 - Joseph Parr (Research Talk)

11/22 - Sully Chen (Lit Highlight)

12/06 - Chalk Talks

12/13 - Mike (Lit Highlight)

12/20 - Holiday Party

Chalk Talks: Everyone presents a short 10-20 min update on the whiteboard, detailing what they have been doing in the lab (and why!). This update can be supplemented with an optional 1 page max print out/slide with anything not so easy to draw out - target structure, NMR data, etc. [Designed to help everyone become familiar with drawing out and discussing their research in an informal setting (useful for qualifying exams/conference/cafe/bar discussions), to get group feedback on current research challenges, brainstorm new directions.]

Lit Highlight: The presenter chooses a high impact paper (from Science, NatureNature Chem./Nanotechnol./Mater., J. Am. Chem. Soc., Chem. Sci., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., etc) and sends it to all group members approx. 1 week in advance. Everyone reads the paper, and the presenter leads discussion of it in the meeting. The paper can be on anything the presenter finds interesting, it doesn't have to be related to their research project. [This helps us keep up to date with important research findings in and outside our field(s), and to develop our critical analysis skills.]

Research Talk: Full ~30 minute presentation of your research, comprising introductory/background/motivation slides, results, discussion, conclusions, future work. Questions throughout and after are encouraged. [To practice formal presentation skills, making figures, story telling, public speaking.]