Lab Equipment



Vacuum Atmospheres OMNI-LAB 4-port workstation

Manipulation of materials under an inert nitrogen atmosphere.


Pure Solvent System

Pure Process Technologies freestanding 6-solvent system

Currently running: THF, dichloromethane, acetonitrile, toluene, ether, and hexane.

Flash Chromatography/prep-HPLC

Buchi C-850 FlashPrep Pure Chromatography System

For fast purification of reaction products.


Microwave Reactor

Biotage Initiator+ Microwave Synthesizer

To rapidly heat chemical reactions above the solvent boiling point.

Furnace Oven

Thermo Scientific Small Benchtop Muffle Furnace, Type 1400

To heat small samples or molecular sieves. Maximum temperature 1100°C.

Fume hoods outfitted with Schlenk lines

Custom-built by USC's glassblower Phillip Sliwoski using ChemGlass parts

Five-port manifolds with single cold trap, vacuum gauge, Lafler bubbler, regulated dry nitrogen supply, Welch DuoSeal 1400 vacuum pump.



Scanning Probe Microscope

Bruker Multimode 8 (with additional MS-10 STM system)

Atomic Force and Electrochemical Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy for surface imaging.


Scanning Tunnelling Microscope-based Break Junction

Custom-built microscope controlled by custom software (Igor Pro, Wavemetrics)

To explore the electronic properties of individual molecules by 'wiring' them up into nanoscale junctions.


Metal Evaporator

Angstrom Covap Physical Vapor Deposition Platform

Preparing thin films of Au, Ag, Cu, Cr by thermal evaporation.


CH Instruments Model 760E Bipotentiostat

General-purpose potentiostat, bipotentiostat, and galvanostat capable of a wide variety of electrochemical techniques.


Ultra-Violet/Ozone Cleaner

Novascan Probe and Surface Decontamination Pro (PSDP) UV4

Removing organic contaminates from surfaces.

Ultrapure Water System

Sartorius Arium mini plus UV

Producing ultrapure (18.2 MOhm, < 5 ppb TOC) water from a feed water tap.

Light Curing Oven

Norland Traydex-18 LED UV/Visible Oven

Curing optical adhesives such as Norland 61.

Oxyhydrogen Torch

U.S. Solid H180 Oxygen-Hydrogen Generator plus Flame Gun

Flame annealing of metal substrates and electrodes.